Who is MLiQ? 

We’re master strategists...innovators, instigators, and designers of the future applied today.  We’re a group of visionaries and actualizers producing disruptive innovation to benefit humanity and the planet.  We’re crazy enough to think we can change the world and committed to working hard enough to actually make it happen.


What is MLiQ?

My Lifestyle iQ (MLiQ) is an app-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) System for doctors to be able to easily manage patient’s lifestyle health behaviors from anywhere in the world. 


MLiQ is also available to anyone who is seeking an App to support them in creating a healthier lifestyle, hence a healthier life.


What does MLiQ offer?

The RPM uses an app that allows the doctor access to a patient’s critical biomarkers as well as providing patients 24/7 access.  The patient/user aspect of the app allows the patient, with the doctor's oversight, to develop activities that include better brain health, nutrition (including creating a more toxin free life), exercise (strength, flexibility and endurance) and mental well-being (happiness). 


There is also a proactive feature that every week outlines day to day behaviors that increase naturally healthy lifestyle activities that directly impact nerve system function.  The patient gets feedback through a NeuroScore that  increases or decreases based on their health behaviors over time.  

The Programs Domain opens up more extensive opportunities for patients/users to make big lifestyle changes.  Users can choose from self directed programs to courses that have the support of health & lifestyle coaches that provide all the necessary extras so that a person can be successful in the areas of weight loss, gut restoration, cleanse and much more.


Whom is MLiQ for?

For anyone who are ready to optimize their potential so that each person can live an extraordinary life of security, love, and well-being.


As a Chiropractor or Health Professional, how do I sign up to use MLiQ in my practice?

Chiropractors & health professionals can click on the GET MLiQ BUTTON to sign up. Once you submit the form, an MLiQ staff member will connect with you for onboarding & training.


How will patients and doctors use MLiQ?

Doctors can use this RPM in various ways that fit any office style, practice management system or philosophical belief.  Typical applications are…

  1. As part of the patient’s intake and Initial Intensive Care to speed patient recovery outcomes.

  2. At the end of Initial Intensive care to manage the patient’s ongoing corrective care by adding in the lifestyle behaviors of Brain Health, Nutrition, Movement and Emotional Flourishing.  This also addresses the 3 core causes of subluxation-Thoughts, Traumas and Toxins.

  3. A unique differentiating proposition to add to a concierge  all-inclusive wellness program at a set monthly fee.


Whichever approach you use the patient has access to your knowledge and philosophy of health 24/7 and their care is always part of their daily thinking and behaviors thus increasing respect, referrals and follow through with more than short-term back and neck problems.   


As an App user or patient, how do I sign up to use MLiQ?

The App is available for download via the Apple & Android stores.  Once you download the App you will be asked if you are connected with a MLiQ health professional.  If you have a MLiQ doctor, please select their name and you will be automatically connected to your doctor so that they can support you in working in the App.  If you are not connected to a MLiQ doc, no worries, just select 'Not Associated with a doctor' and begin working in the App.  If at anytime your doctor joins MLiQ, you can update this in your profile within the App.


Why should a Chiropractor or Health Professional include MLiQ into their practice?

Providers, especially Chiropractors, have more to offer than just the time and the skill of what they deliver clinically over a table in the office. Patients have questions about the lifestyle changes they are encouraged to make once they understand our conservative, natural, wholistic, non-drug approach to regaining, maintaining and developing optimum health and immunity.  Patients stay longer, follow through with your recommendations better, and use the doctor as a gatekeeper into the health-care marketplace.  We know that this decreases their cost of care and reduces the use of drugs (especially, opioids) and surgery.  


What are the patient benefits of using MLiQ?

Patients need answers and plans on how to build healthy families and lives, which doctors just can’t provide on a short visit with a waiting room full of patients.  MLiQ provides the answers and the plans. The doctor can provide the coaching with a one page report generated on each visit.  Table talk is now about health vs. politics and weather.  Patients experience faster recovery, a real health plan vs. waiting to get sick and the confidence of knowing they have an office and health leader to support them.   


What are the doctor benefits of utilizing MLiQ in patient care?

Patients have scores of questions about how our natural approach to health is extended outside of the office.  What about drugs?  Is natural childbirth for me?  Are whole foods really that important?  How do I eat if I’m not going to eat out of a box?  What about vaccine info?  Is there a way to become a positive thinker?  How can I protect my kids from concussions and other traumas?  I don’t have the time for my kids and myself to get sick-what can we do to stay healthy?

If chiropractors can’t find the time to provide the framework for patients to build a natural organic lifestyle then medicine has already created an integrated system of drugs and surgery.  Patients want what we have to offer, MLiQ provides the system to make your life easier, to provide research, classes on a wide range of health issues and a 3rd party endorsement for referrals. The results, bigger practice, more new patients, greater respect, ease of delivery and increased PVA due to patient follow through with your long term health recommendations.


What if there is something I don’t want my patients to see based on my individual clinical approach and beliefs?

MLiQ has set the entire program up to be run through your practice and recommendations.  You are in control.  Even the materials we will send out to the entire MLiQ participants list (eg. a research article) must first go through your office and you can with the push of a button exclude your patient list from receiving it.   


How will the MLiQ staff support your office in using MLiQ?

The technology will do most of the work.  No need to add staff or expensive equipment.  In fact, most offices experience no out-of-pocket money to get into or have patients in the program.  In fact, most office see an increase in income.

Once you sign-up as an MLiQ office, we will train the front desk staff how to monitor the patient each day to identify any red-flags, how to generate the automatic reports on each patient's scheduled in-office visit, and how to explain the program to patients. The training will occur online at your and your staff's convenience.  Included in the training video is a section on how to use.  We will also have a short doctor’s training on how to use the program, how to interpret the reports, how to coach patients at the adjusting table and how to monitor the staff.  This program is designed to save you time.


What does MLiQ do with my data (DC/Patient)?

All personal health data is maintained exclusively by the chiropractor. MLiQ only has non specific access for purposes of sending out research and information pertinent to people’s health and well-being


Does MLiQ provide medical advice or recommendations?

No, all recommendations for care are the domain of the individual chiropractor. There are recommendations for additional consulting services/resources should the chiropractor recommend them. MLiQ does not receive any discounts or kickbacks from its clinical recommendations.


What kind of technology do DCs/Patients need in order to use MLiQ?

All you need is a computer and your patients a smartphone or tablet.  MLiQ's Doctor portal is web based and can be run from any computer.  All you need is the link and login.  


Is MLiQ secure?

MLiQ’s RPM app has been fully vetted by an independent firm specializing in HIPPA requirements and telehealth/internet provider/patient interactions and privacy.


What is the cost of MLiQ?

There is a one-time $50 onboarding set-up fee.  The cost to the office is $29 per patient per month. The fee is automatically assessed to the office credit card, monthly.  The office can charge the patient whatever fee they deem appropriate.  MLiQ recommends a patient fee of $50 to $75/month, minimum.  The patients in our focus groups said they wanted the fee embedded in their care plans. These services may be covered by insurance.


How do I find out more about MLiQ?

Contact us at hello@mylifestyleiq.com or sign up to attend one of our MLiQ Lives (link this to event page).