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Commission Based Sales Positions

Want to work in Chiropractic to support Doctors and Patients through their journeys to a more wholesome and vitalistic healthstyle? Want to be responsible for your own hours and build a business that generates recurring income? Do you want to work in a life changing industry aligned with your purpose?

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Careers at MLiQ

About the position

More than ever before we are bombarded with advertising and propaganda from the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  At MLiQ we believe that there is not only a place for non-invasive medicine as part of the whole but that living a vitalistic lifestyle can prevent the onset of many of today’s most indiscriminate illnesses.  Put simply, if we have a healthy body, mind and spirit we are much less likely to become ill but in the modern world we tend to have too little time and too much stress so we turn to the quick fix.  Oftentimes a healthy lifestyle is a more expensive option and in many cases the convenience and cost element points people in a direction that they believe is the right one for them whereas it’s simply a smart marketing trick.  

After 50 years in the Chiropractic industry including decades in education Dr Guy Riekeman has managed to incorporate a cost effective, all encompassing lifestyle app which has a very affordable low monthly subscription price for users and a fully integrated Dr/Patient engagement system allowing holistic healthcare professionals to work together with patients on simple goals oriented tasks with improved health and wellbeing as the shared goal. 

This role is suited to those who have a passion for helping others and who are driven to make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Zero hours contracts allow workers to choose when they work, giving them greater control over their lives and allowing them to fit work around other commitments.

Sales Representative


Job Description:

  • MLiQ has developed a cutting edge app for Remote Patient Engagement for Doctors to be used with their patients.  We are seeking highly ambitious, dynamic and self-motivated Sales Representatives to join our growing team in order to sell this app solution on a regional basis to Chiropractic offices and support them in onboarding their patients. For more details on MLiQ please see our website here: 

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Generate leads and prospects to cultivate new business opportunities within the chiropractic industry.

  2. Build and maintain strong relationships with potential customers by providing excellent customer service.

  3. Understand customer needs and present appropriate solutions via the MLiQ platform.

  4. Complete sales and close deals.

  5. Create your own business as a contractor with unlimited potential and scope for growth.


  1. Earnings Potential: As a commission-only role, your earning potential is virtually uncapped. The more you sell, the more you earn and a six figure earning potential is not unrealistic. 

  2. Flexible Schedule: This role provides the opportunity to work according to your own schedule. You have the flexibility to manage your own time and achieve a work-life balance.

  3. Recurring Commission: You'll earn not only on new sales but also on repeat business, thus creating a source of recurring income.

  4. Professional Development: You'll gain valuable experience and skills in sales and business development and have the potential for long-term career progression.

  5. Remote Work: This role provides the opportunity to work from anywhere, saving time and eliminating the hassle of commuting.

  6. Independence: You'll have the freedom and independence to employ your own methods and strategies, honing your entrepreneurial skills.

  7. There is no limit to the potential other than a limit you set yourself.  We are committed to achieving a purpose and anything driven to achieve the same goals is on the table. 


Ideal Candidates:

  • Driven and determined individuals with excellent communication skills, a flair for building relationships, and a desire to work independently yet as part of an active, supportive team, will find this role ideally suited to their skill set. Experience in sales and customer service are preferred but not mandatory, as comprehensive training will be provided.

Contact with your resume and a brief introductory letter or email.  

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