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6-Week Course, Home Food Sensitivity Test and Report of Findings 

Course Includes:

  • 6-week course including-6 individual education modules, orientation to the “5R Approach” to restore your gut health, recommendations on advanced testing identifying gut problems, hormone issues, inflammation, weight issues, mood troubles and more, recommendations on precision supplementation and a bonus module on genetics and gene interpretation.

  • At-home high-sensitivity food sensitivity test.

  • Bonus: A one-on-one virtual consultation/report of findings from our specialized staff covering “can/can’t eat” food list, food test results, and  your health risk assessments outcomes.

Purchase Course

Cost $999

All inclusive Personalized
Virtual Coaching

Course Includes

  • Gut Restoration Academy 6 Week Course (listed in $999 program)

  • Home Food Sensitivity Test.

  • Advanced Home Stool Test. This breakthrough test gives a true 3-dimensional picture of everything happening in the gut, good and bad.

  • Foundational Gut Support Supplementation (personalized according to your food and stool results)

  • Professional Personalized Management consisting of an initial virtual report from our specialized staff and 60 days of on-going management to ensure success as you complete your 6-week home study course.

Purchase Course

Cost $999

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