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Your health is vital to living a meaningful and joyous life. Health is not obtained in a pill or a potion, nor is it something you do once in a while. Health is an attitude, a LIFESTYLE that is built on a day to day, decision to decision basis. Plus, the fastest-growing demographic are those individuals who will live to be one hundred years of age. Therefore, life expectancy is no longer the question. The question today is, what will your last twenty-five years be like?  Is your destiny to be in a nursing home unaware of your surroundings and family, or will you live a vibrant life? The decisions you make today will determine that future and provide you the innate resources to live more abundantly right now.  But how do you make the changes resulting in a fuller life experience? Hiring private coaches and experts for nutrition to brain health is just not available to most people.


In 2013, 350,000 people were using some aspect of telehealth. By 2021, that number had increased to 1 billion. MY LIFESTYLE iQ (MLiQ) has combined the best experts with online app technology.  It is time to flourish and thrive, versus just surviving. 


This program is a Remote Patient Management (RPM) tool. With it and your doctor’s advice/guidance, you will be able to make changes in your day to day behaviors and choices to produce a healthy LIFESTYLE immediately and into the future.


There are 5 domains and the specialty programs section.  Each domain begins with an assessment and gives you a score that helps to identify your health status in that domain Then there are activities and exercises that you can begin to incorporate into your life, thus, over time, enhancing your natural abilities as a magnificent self-developing, self-adapting, and self-healing human being. In most of the domains, there are activities for people getting started, people who are at an intermediate level, and those who are well advanced. 

The MLiQ app is loaded with content and resources, but how do you put it all together to focus on the results you want to accomplish your goals?  In the PROGRAM domain we’ve done the work for you. Simply find your goal...

  • Weight Loss

  • Enhanced Immune System

  • 45 Day Wellness Bootcamp

  • Gut Restoration

  • Cleanse

  • Help with Long Haul Covid 

  • and many more   

And let our experts help you to achieve them!


Additionally, there is a fun way to use a portion of the RPM called the NEUROSCORE.  It will give you daily reminders and ask questions that will keep you on track in being mindful about day to day decisions and behaviors. Over time you will be able to see your NEUROSCORE go up or down as well.  This is not an intense, short-term boot camp program.  There are protocols for those who wish to alter issues such as weight loss, prevent problems or handle a specific crisis.  But primarily, this RPM is designed to assist you in making new day-to-day choices and behaviors that cumulatively over time result in a better life for you and your loved ones. 


Face it, many decisions you’ve made up to this point have resulted in less than optimum health. If you continue on the same path, the outcomes will be the same.  It’s time to make different decisions.


We strongly recommend that you​

  1. Complete the Vital Health Domain Assessment. These sixty questions are critical to determining where you are headed with your current health behaviors. This assessment must be completed before the other Domains are opened for you to use.

  2. At your leisure, complete the NeuroScore Assessment. This will let you know how your brain and nervous system, which regulates your body’s function and immune system, are performing to keep you alive and healthy. Then MLiQ will send you five lifestyle activities each week so you can build your best health now and for the rest of your lifetime.

  3. Once you’ve completed the above, jump into the domains of Nourish, Brain Health, Flourish, Movement and Programs and have fun building the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. 


VITAL HEALTH-Experts in Functional Medicine know that there are six critical markers in measuring a person’s health that are precursors for diseases such as cancer and heart disease; ill-health issues including diabetes and immune deficiencies; and neurodegenerative conditions such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Vital Health will give you insight into these markers, and you can discuss with your Doctor how to address them today and not in twenty years when it may be too late.


BRAIN HEALTH-Your nervous system controls all the functions of your body and is responsible, via its relationship with the immune system, for adapting you to the environment. Neurologists say, “You are your nervous system.”  Keeping your brain and nervous system healthy is the goal of your doctor. In Brain Health, we’ll provide you with analytics and activities to increase your chances of avoiding neuro-problems and enhance brain performance.  

NOURISH-Eating is a daily behavior for most of us, but how do you eat well? There are a plethora of diets, techniques, and experts who have “the answer.” But while they vary from expert to expert, there are some common denominators to good eating habits. We will outline these for you, spend time exploring how to get environmental toxins out of your body system, as much as possible, and give you techniques on healthy day to day eating habits.  Also, there are dramatic programs for weight loss, sleep, pre-diabetic protocols and more.

MOVEMENT-You cannot live long without healthy movement of your body. But what does that mean? Included in the Movement Domain is an assessment of the three critical factors of movement; strength, flexibility, and endurance. The activities here will consist of options for beginners, intermediate and advanced participants, and various styles of activities from the gym to the yoga studio.


FLOURISH-How happy are you? How fulfilled?  Are you flourishing in your social interactions, business/money life, relationships, etc.? 

Flourish will test key areas of your psychological, social, and emotional well-being and provide specific activities to enhance your levels of life fulfillment.

PROGRAMS-Are you ready to make some big lifestyle changes? We’ve put detailed programs together with workbooks, videos and resources you can access as well as one-on-one private coaching for several programs.  Just pick your PROGRAM and start flourishing.

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